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Isle of Innovation aims to bring and deliver HR development technology directly from its sources to our clients, that is adapted to language, culture and ethics.

Understanding the human psychology, be it either employees or customers or business partners, helps companies in better management and grow their business.
Emotions influence our decisions, behaviour and performance both in productive and unproductive ways.

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We help organisations create and foster a culture of teamwork, building more effective working relationships and setting teams up for success.


  • Everything DiSC® Application Suite
  • The Five Behaviours® Solutions
  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Soft Skills
  • Management & Leadership
  • 5S Course
  • Train the Trainer in Coaching


  • Individual coaching
  • Workplace coaching
  • Sales coaching
  • Management coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Career coaching


  •   Effectiveness in the workplace
  •   Team building
  • Sales management
  •  Middle East markets
  • Leadership effectiveness




Training Workshops



I was looking for a Partner to access Wiley products and after careful consideration,  we have decided to partner with ‘Isle of Innovation’ for their customer-centric and collaborative attitude. We are now a year into our Partnership and we are proud to call Isle of innovation our trusted Partner.  We have no hesitation in recommending Isle of Innovation to any customers – what you will get from them is an exceptional service and brilliant partnership

Jay Sriskanthan

CEO of Exsellance
We at Eagle Training have used DiSC profiling as a cornerstone of our Management and leadership training for in excess of 25 years. We have specifically chosen Wiley Everything Disc as our profile supplier of choice, as the quality of the profile is, in our opinion, the best available on the market. Our clients and delegates find the accuracy of the profiles and wealth of insight generated by them to be both surprising and useful. They never fail to create a buzz and wave of excitement when explored and discussed during our training sessions.

Ian Henderson

Managing Director Eagle Training Ltd - UK
For this reason, we utilise the full suite of profiles which includes the 5 behaviours of a cohesive team profile. Which is a unique offering and ground breaking in its application. We would not hesitate to recommend Isle of Innovation; their customer service is first rate and having worked with many profile suppliers they are now our partner organisation for the supply of our disc profiling needs. We would not hesitate to recommend both Isle of innovation and Wiley my everything disc profiles. Should you wish to please contact us to discuss this testimonial we would be delighted to chat with you.

Ian Henderson

Managing Director Eagle Training Ltd - UK
We have attended the online training given by Isle of Innovation. It was the Everything DISC Workplace for 16 of our senior employees. We were impressed with the way they plan facilitation, doing Needs assessment, and giving accurate facilitation plan. We definitely plan to take Management training with Adrian and Talal

Hussam Kaziha

Senior Director, Araamis Saudi Arabia
We had a great facilitator who gave us everything to understand the DiSC model. Now we know how to apply it internally. Our employees started discussing the value of knowing their behaviour styles. It is really important for the workplace to get better performance and have some fun! Thanks isle of innovation.

Michael Wainwright

Chaboun Consultancy Services Ltd. London - UK
Isle of Innovation contacted us to offer The Five Behaviours programme we did not expect to have such a great program, the reports we got about our team were amazing. Then the workshop came with a lot of benefits. I was happy to see the whole team sitting in one room for 2 days discussing team issues and how to avoid the problems stopping their performance. We decided to do this again next year to measure progress with the same team.

Mövenpick Hotel

Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
We enjoyed the Everything DiSC Workplace online course with Adrian from Isle of Innovation. He has a great coaching style making it easy to understand the theory and reports. Really useful activities and exercises. We found it easier to have the sub account of EPIC, we are planning to get our own trainer certified soon. Thanks Adrian, Thanks Isle of Innovation.

Amer Al Hedaithy

Human Resources Manager Hashem Contracting & Trading Corp. | Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
Hey guys … I love the way you’ve handled my 15 unorganised staff And get them to think like one. You’ve done a fantastic job making them all think like one and work together I don’t know how you’ve done it ..but a fantastic job I hope you’ve enjoyed the isle of wight And look forward to working with you next year for more training.

Talal Bahyan

Island Catering Equipment Co. Isle of Wight - UK