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Sales training

  • SPIN® Selling
  • Account Strategy
  • PITCH™ Selling
  • SPIN® Marketing
  • SPIN® Coaching

SPIN® Selling

  • Create a consistent sales approach to creating value for customers
  • Understand how major buying decisions are made and increase levels of customer satisfaction
  • Practice the behaviours and hone the skills proven to greatly reduce the likelihood of customer objections.
  • Measure the performance of your sales team against the successful behaviours you’ve learned, and continually improve your sales performance.
  • Apply tried and tested sales methods to shorten sales cycles and increase sales at higher margins.

The best salespeople are well prepared and confident. They ask the right questions and know what the customer needs at each stage of their buying journey, enabling them to move confidently towards a sale.
Based on decades of observation and research into customer behaviour, Huthwaite International’s SPIN Selling training programme aligns salespeople to a tried and tested methodology. Our SPIN sales course is essential training for individuals in sales, sales management, business development or in a customer-facing role where demonstrating value is essential.
For over 40 years, Huthwaite International has been transforming how world-class organisations in various sectors, view and interact with their customers. Our interactive SPIN sales training courses equip your sales team with the verbal behaviours and conversational toolkit needed to create value, generate more sales and reach higher levels of customer satisfaction.


SPIN Selling: Read the Complete Guide to Sales Success


Over the years it’s been our mission to decode verbal effectiveness. Verbal Behaviour Analysis or VBA for short, is the result.

Negotiation Training

  • VBA Negotiation
  • VBA Complex

Essential Negotiation Skills

Negotiations play a critical part in both the profitability and effectiveness of an organisation. Regularly doing it badly can have a substantial compound effect on business. Essential Negotiation Skills give you and your team the tools and skills to conclude the best possible outcomes and boost business.

Essential training for: purchasing and sales teams who regularly negotiate on up to six issues (either external or internal), where negotiations are often similar from one to the next, and you have the mandate to agree terms.

Essential Negotiation Skills will provide your people with tools and skills to avoid concessions, reach better deals, improve margins, sustain good relationships with customers and/or suppliers, and approach all the negotiations they typically face with sharper negotiation skills and renewed confidence.

In our Essential Negotiation Skills programme, we use Verbal Behaviour Analysis or VBA for short. VBA is the means by which we analyse and measure verbal communication – the things that people say to each other in a given situation. It is the basis for all our methodologies and for providing reliable feedback as the basis for viable skill development.

We have used VBA to identify what successful seller and negotiators do, and have created best practice skills models so that everyone can emulate the skills that lead to success. We also implement VBA within each learning session to analyse the current skill levels of participants and identify areas that can be practiced during our programmes.

Huthwaite also offer advanced training in Complex Negotiation Skills for the more complex scenarios.

Complex Negotiation Skills

World class organisations need to negotiate to the highest standards to achieve the best outcomes without compromising long-term relationships. Complex Negotiation is an advanced programme within our negotiation training, that gives you and your team a deeper understanding of the DNA of a successful complex negotiation and the skills to achieve the best outcomes.

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