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A new and exciting online training programme with all our 30 years of experience will be made available here, some of which will be free!

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Understanding Behaviour

A Free Module which offers a model for Understanding Behaviour and provides managers and leaders with and instantly applicable tool to increase effectiveness.

Holding Difficult Conversations

A Free Module which explores how to hold difficult conversations, manage our and others emotions and have a structure for successful difficult conversations.

What are the subjects we offer?

Understanding Behaviour

This Module explores differing styles of behaviour and how we might click with some but clash with others and how to manage our interactions to best effect.

Foundational Principles

This Module explores four foundational management principles which will underpin our other modules. This is the perfect place to start your journey and reflections on your Management and Leadership Practice.

Communication Foundation

This Module explores four foundational principles for communication. The ability to communicate effectively is a critical skill for any manager. This module explores the human dynamics of interpersonal communication, why misunderstandings occur and how to minimise them.

Management Approaches

This Module explores some foundational principles for Management. Offering a chance to reflect on our managerial approach, the shadow we cast as a manager then contrasting that with two classic management models.

Management Approaches
Communication Advanced

Communication Advanced

This Module explores further the processes that occur in the brain during communication. Exploring additional models for communication this module will further enhance your capabilities and understanding of the human experience of communication.

Time Management

This Module explores the notion of and techniques for, time management. It provides some traditional solutions and suggests a philosophy around time management which reflects the pace at which we operate in modern business.

Personal Effectiveness

This Module explores the critical difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness. We will consider the mindset required to ensure our energy and efforts are delivering the highest possible returns, as well as offering practical tools and techniques.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

This Module explores the process and art of delivering and receiving feedback well. It provides tools and techniques to ensure developmental and motivational feedback is offered and received, so that the recipient gains maximum value from feedback.

Giving and Receiving Feedback
Giving and Receiving Feedback


This Module explores the subject of motivation. It will provide an opportunity to explore your own motivational influences, the role of money within motivation, the paradox of motivation and practical approaches to increase motivation in others.

Managing Performance

This Module explores the processes and techniques to manage performance. It provides an insight into the key principles of managing performance, how to approach differing levels of performance and connects with the accountability module.


This Module explores the notion of accountability, what is isn’t and what it is, the key ingredients within an accountability culture. As well as how we as managers and leaders influence and facilitate that culture or create the opposite, a blame culture.

Reviewing Performance

This module explores the importance, process and techniques for effectively reviewing performance. It provides a structure, communication techniques and processes to ensure the recipient gains clarity of expectations, desired outcomes and understands areas for improvement and success.

Reviewing Performance
The Positive Principled Approach to Accountability

The Positive Principled Approach to Accountability

This Module explores the positive principled process for accountability. It provides the exact steps to take to ensure we, as managers and leaders, create a culture and cadence for the willing acceptance of accountability within our teams.

Emotional Intelligence

This Module explores Emotional Intelligence. What it is, its philosophy, importance in the modern workplace and practical tools to help us increase our “EQ”. It studies it’s key components and proven techniques, which can be applied instantly.

Conflict Management

This Module explores effective conflict management. It offers an exploration of the positive constructive opportunities conflict provides and how to avoid its destructive consequences as well as providing specific strategies to manage conflict.


This Module explores the philosophy for Assertiveness. What it is and is not, how it differs from aggressive behaviour as well as offering practical tools and techniques to help us become more assertive.



This Module explores leadership and how it differs from management. It considers three differing models of leadership and how they apply in modern fast paced, high change, complex business environments.

The Human Dynamic of Change

This Module explores the human reaction to change and how we as managers and leaders can guide our people and teams through the change process. It offers an overview of the change process and specific tools to manage people during change.


This Module explores listening with a consideration of the internal and external processes for listening. As well as considering the skills required to listen effectively and at the highest levels.

Coaching as a Manager

This Module explores how the transferable skills of coaching can fit into management. It concentrates on how you can use coaching processes and tools to encourage ownership and empowerment during your day to day activities as a manager or leader.

Coaching as a Manager
Interviewing and Recruitment

Interviewing and Recruitment

This Module explores the art and process of skilful interviewing. It offers a structure for interviews, the secret to great interviewing and avoiding costly recruitment mistakes, providing practical tools and insights to use at your next interview.

Effective Meetings

This Module explores good meeting practice and is full of ideas and tips for face to face and virtual meetings. Boring and unproductive meetings will be a thing of the past after completing this module!

Effective Teamworking

This Module explores how to build and manage an effective team. It defines what a team is, the critical elements of an effective team, how a team grows and develops over time and how our leadership of the team needs to adjust accordingly.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

This Module explores effective decision making and problem solving offering specific techniques which can be used in day to day situations. It focuses on operational decision making and problem solving as opposed to complex approaches more suited for strategic planning.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

What’s Next

Once you have streaming access to all 26 modules you can continue to make them available
to your whole organisation by continuing to be a member and enjoy all the benefits that brings.
If, however, you decide your membership has delivered the value you need, simply cancel your membership, you will still have access to the 2 free modules which you can continue to share with your teams.

If there are any modules you would like to see, please let us know and we will add them to your membership if at all possible. We are working on new content and adding module all the time this schedule will grow and extend!

Our 3 Membership Packages


  • Access to all 26 eLearning Modules
  • One fee for your whole organisation
  • Available 24 hours a day every day
  • Re-run modules as often as you like
  • Simple monthly fee
  • Self Managed System
  • Cancel at anytime
  • Our most cost effective package


  • Essentials package plus
  • 1 x 2 hour Live Virtual Classroom Session for up to 6 people each month
  • OR 2 x 1 Hour Executive Coaching Sessions per month
  • Use the Coaching or virtual classroom for subjects of your choice or from streaming modules
  • Managed user interface with progress reporting
  • Live “Any Questions” session once permonth with a coach

Our Best Value Package!


  • Essentials Package plus 1 x 3.5 hour Live Virtual
  • Classroom Session for up to 12 people each month
  • Virtual session is with two facilitators OR 4 x 1Hour Executive
  • Coaching Sessions per monthUse the Coaching or Virtual
  • Classroom for subjects of your choice or fromstreaming modules
  • Managed user interface with progress reporting
  • Live “Any Questions” session twice month with acoach
  • Forums within online content to enable remotequestions of a coach at any time
  • Our most comprehensive package


My name is AJ and I am the founder and creator of The Learning Concept or TLC as we call it (everyone needs a little TLC we think).

I have worked in the Leadership, Management and Personal Development space for 30 years, when I started I had hair!

I hold a Masters (Distinction) in Coaching from The University of Warwick.

TLC was created to offer a bespoke coaching practice and due to client Demand has grown to offer much more.

Teddy the Cockapoo

Teddy is our company four legged friend.

He often contributes to online sessions by barking in the background, Pushing the door open so he can come and say hello on camera, or just because he wants a fuss.

We think he is super cute, but then again we are slightly biased.

You never know he may make a guest appearance for you, If he does please do say hello….. Woof!

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