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Everything DiSC - Isle Of Innovation UK

We have partnered with Everything DiSC based in the US as an Authorised Partner because their trainings based on self-assessments are leaders in the corporate sector.


HR Departments​

The questions that our trainers are constantly asking themselves on your behalf?

  • Where will your talent go for nurturing?
  • Will you leave the next generation of leaders?
  • What needs to happen to build an organisation that will blossom across the next decade?
  • How do you create an environment that protects your best talent?
  • What is a training package that will stick?

We are constantly assessing the latest tools and techniques for HR from multiple angles, and have fully engaged in the potential to conduct training sessions globally and utilizing top instructors from around the world.

This ensures that our training is actualised to a fast moving modern workplace.

The Five Behaviors

We have partnered as an Authorised Partner for Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors™ because US based Wiley have spent years fine tuning the best in leadership training used by Fortune 500 companies.

The Five Behaviors - Isle Of Innovation


“Know Thyself” advised Socrates. It’s taken a pandemic for us to double down on answering this as self-awareness becomes reinforced as the top skill of any leader with the events triggered by George Floyd’s murder acting as a major wake-up call.

In 2014 Jay Abraham and Carlos Dias wrote their classic on “the science of winning and losing for CEOs in the 21st Century” called The CEO Who Sees Around Corners. Abraham has spent his entire career solving complex problems and fixing under-performing businesses so highlights techniques that broaden perspectives, and use accurate-thinking to uproot hidden roadblocks about self and others through masterminding, listening and interacting with employees, exchanging ideas, and developing trust and loyalty.

Columbia Business School Professor and corporate consultant Rita McGrath, in 2019 looked at paradigmatic shifts in the business landscape which she called “inflection points.” In her book Seeing Around Corners: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen, she claims the only thing to be afraid of in the future is our own unwillingness to change.

Bespoke Intercultural Group - Isle of Innovation

We have partnered with Bespoke Intercultural Group based in Tokyo because these are precisely the kinds of issues that they address in their training on inter-cultural questions.



How can a Manager bring out the best in each employee? Never before has that been such a complex question. Never before has a good manager needed more back-up.

Managers are the life force of an organisation and ensure that the company performs to expectations and achieves goals. To do this, managers need to juggle a complex array of roles and duties, which include directing, coordinating, and leading.

They have to balance the available resources of the organisation to achieve the organisational objectives, and to carry out these duties, they need an unique skill set of inter-personal / people skills, conceptual skills and technical skills etc.

Motivating employees now requires embracing hybrid working models (such as a blend of office-based, semi-remote, and remote employees).

Agility is the name of the game plus excellent communication skills and a big ability to listen. 

We have partnered with Storytelling Academy based in London because every business has a compelling story to tell that is impactful and memorable.

Storytelling Academy - Isle of Innovation


Sales individuals and teams are vital in any organisation. 

They carry the responsibility of representing the company and expressing its solutions and products.

They work to build personal and business relationship with all clients in order to help them acquire their needs and requirements.

Salespeople need to be great managers to be able to maintain the relationship with clients, before, during and after they put their trust in the company and its products.

We work closely with sales “soldiers” to make sure they plan, execute and win their “battle” with the best communication skills possible. 

Mpotivation Buttons - Isle of Innovation UK

We have partnered with Motivation Buttons based in Turkey because they have developed an unique online assessment tool which allows for teams to assess their strengths and weaknesses.



“Teamwork is the greatest competitive advantage that any group of people can have, it is not complicated, but it requires a lot of work over time and a lot of courage…it is an intentional strategic decision we have to make”, says Patrick Lencioni in his book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Working on this area could not be more essential – a happy healthy workforce is now critical for business like never before as the uncertainty of the pandemic has had a heavy toll upon mental health in the workplace.

Returning to team balance comes as much as anything from a good team attitude and that will require extra communication skills so that home workers, and those that have returned to the office, will be in a good working relationship that is affirming and supportive.

Collaborative attitudes create brilliant partnerships and a business with flare.


We offer many services to our clients and specialise in delivering a unique and bespoke development process.
The Learning Concept - Isle of Innovation


Many job roles have seen boundaries blur – working at home saved time on the commute but added hours by making switching off impossible.

Vitality’s Healthy Hybrid report in partnership with the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, found that whilst 55% of home workers said working from home meant they had found it easier to get more work done, however on average they also found themselves working three extra hours per week.

Key questions become: What’s happy and meaningful work? Have you taken the time to clarify your values? Do you have the vision for the work that resonates with you? What is the training you need to not just give you career progress but also fulfilment?

Peoplique - Isle of Innovation UK

We have partnered with Peoplique HR based in London because they are specialists in recruiting for Arabic-speaking countries for media, TV, retail, marketing, construction and so on.



Career progress? In this climate there are no quick answers, in fact you’re probably wondering what skills you’ll need to weather oncoming technological trends.

What will be the jobs of the future? Where will A.I. take us? How do you find an employment path that resonates when they are shedding workers to keep the company afloat? With uncertainty in the air, the toll on physical health puts pressure on workplace mental health.

You want a boss that inspires not nags. You want to be trusted and respected, surrounded by motivational colleagues in work that can be light-hearted as well as focused. You don’t mind slogging but you want to feel proud at the end of the day.

Workplace happiness was discussed in books like Tim Ferriss’, 2007 provocatively titled The Four Hour Work Week. You know that isn’t likely, but you’d like to negotiate – maybe a 4 day week, talent redeployment and development processes, or a way to take care of your musculosketal health – benefits so you can stay a loyal and enthusiastic employee, avoid exhaustion and burnout, and add to your skills with training aligned to your organisation’s objectives.


Quite simply, we help them to Change Behaviour. Change Results.™

Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs

You are happy working at your kitchen table – the idea of hiring staff isn’t on the cards and that makes you a solopreneur.

The idea of a traditional j.o.b. is a no-go as work for you is about lifestyle – as a self-starter, you feel fulfilled working alone and motivation isn’t a problem. You are focused, needing minimal space, and with fast wifi you’re good-to-go. Maybe in time you’ll expand and add a team but that bigger entrepreneurial spirit is a next step.

It’s rewarding because you control your time and determine your direction. Whilst you aren’t looking to grow an empire, keeping up with trends by dipping into training on tech; time hacks; GDPR legalities; presentation-style tweaks; clear and inclusive visual, written and spoken communication; and so on helps keep your business future proofed with relevant L&D that is tax deductible.



Side Hustlers

You have untapped potential and life’s too short to waste as Coronavirus has vividly shown so a side hustle makes perfect sense.

Naeema Pasha, director of careers at Henley Business School, says “Side hustles can give people a sense of control over their own careers… Companies that used to offer steady ‘life-long’ careers are no longer offering a security that previous generations experienced.”

Balancing the pressure of work for the pay check with the things you love and are passionate about is a great strategy.

To get the best of both worlds requires a solid understanding of your skill set and a strong self-awareness that can come from investing in training around questions such as mastery of time management, motivation, and leadership of self and others.

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