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Working since 2015

Isle of Innovation

Isle of Innovation started in 2015 doing wide research to find best training solutions, methodologies and providers, ..meeting consultants, HR professionals and L&D specialists, then officially registered our company in London early 2017.

We became an authorised partner for Wiley’s most innovative solutions Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors® , in addition to multiple association agreements with leading international training solution providers and professional consultants, coaches, trainers and accredited facilitators.

Our trainers have a thorough knowledge in our solutions, they provide training to cover your needs and help participants during and after workshops.

Isle of Innovation is specialised in Psychometric assessments and Team development programmes, in addition to Sales, Soft Skills, 5S, Protocol & Etiquette training.

A great success and achievements were in the second and third year in London, and a decision was made to increase investment horizontally and vertically to continue supporting current and future clients, powered by real and strong partners in the UK and the Middle East.

Our mission

We help organisations to save time, energy and money by helping their individuals – from all cultures and sectors of society – to assess and improve skills, understand themselves and others, change behaviour, improve team effectiveness and productivity. We train the trainers or teachers and do inspection for training centres or schools according to UK and international standards

Our vision

We aim higher to be the most professional provider for innovative and research-validated solutions of personality assessments, workplace learning solutions and team development programmes. We are the first training provider who deals with clients as partners and commits for after sales warranty.

We’re knowledgeable about making benefits higher

Our clients are our partners!


We work closely with our clients to understand their current situation, problems they have, then we assist them to solve all problems and achieve required results.

We deal with individual and corporate clients, some of them prefer to be hidden, and others are in the logos appear below.

Our values

Innovation & Creativity
  • We constantly look for creative ways to solve problems.
  • We have the courage to innovate and pioneer new methods.
  • We believe that every request from our clients is a new opportunity for us to solve current problems in creative and new ways.
Expertise & Client Focus

Due to our culture of compliance, we start with our clients by doing surveys, interviews and meetings, then we give an introduction session, after that, we deliver customised training according to the participants’ needs and expectations; Followed by a Feedback form. Then we keep in contact with our clients to see how that is achieving a measurable difference.

Excellence & Enjoyment
  • We strive to get better and innovative in every task that we undertake, by delivering our maximum in value, quality and simple solutions.
  • We always focus on achieving results with some fun!

The Power of Isle of Innovation


Talal Allaf

Talal Allaf

Founder & Director

Eda Bayraktar

Eda Bayraktar

Storytelling Consultant

Adrian Newbery

Adrian Newbery

Senior Consultant

Anass Tooma

Anass Tooma

Recruitment Consultant

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London – NW10 7EF
Office:  +44 (0)2045 391 148
Mobile: +44 (0)7506 046 443


2 Avenue Brillat Savarin, 53 RDC, 1050
Ixelles, BELGIUM


IBC Publishing (IBC Publishing, Inc.)
Ryoshu Kagurazaka Bldg. 9F,
29-3 Nakazato-cho, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 162-0804, JAPAN
Ph: +81 (0) 3-3513-4511


Zincirlikuyu Yolu Sok.
Balmumcu, No: 7 Daire: 1
Beşiktaş / İstanbul, TURKEY


PNGIT - The Petroleum and Natural Gas Higher Institute of Technology and Training
Door 1-4, 2nd floor, Al Waha Downtown
Prince Muhammed Ibn Saud District,
32431-2614 Dammam, KSA


Bespoke Intercultural Group (B.I.G)
1013 Centre Road, Suite 403-B
Wilmington, DE 19805
United States


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